Tablet with screenshot announcing the online courses

Escuela Tenades

Natural Therapies School

Tenades contacted me to run a complete redesign of their website. They needed to show more information about their services and offer new online curses during the pandemic.

Client: Escuela Tenades S.L
Date: 15. December 2020
Services: UI & UX Design, Web Design. WordPress, HTML & CSS, Illustrations

+ more about the project

Since Tenades is a pioneer regarding to natural therapies in Valencia (Spain), its founders, coworkers and alumni are often above 50 years old. For this reason I put special attention to the site’s accessibility and followed best UX design practices to improve it. I for example reduced the visitor’s cognitive load by choosing a minimal design with a clear information architecture and a simple navigation system, so that visitors could find what they were looking for right away. In case that wasn’t enough, I added a big contrasted search field at the bottom of the website to prevent visitors from navigating wrong pages. I chose a color palette with contrasted enough tones to help color blind and visually impaired visitors differentiate elements in the site (color itself would never be the differentiator among elements). I as well choose big and easy to read fonts, a clear font-hierarchy and well distributed blocks of information. I alt-labeled all images to help screen readers with the content of the site… etc.

For the overall style of the website I choose a minimal design that is in line with modern technologies, together with classical imaginary and typography that I thought fit with well with the millenary natural therapies that are taught at the school.