Art Gallery

Interface Design for an art Gallery Website

The responsive site was made following standard breakpoints for desktops, tablets and mobiles. I made this as an exercise to improve my skills using grid systems to design responsive interfaces.

Date: 2016
Services: UI Desig, Responsive Design
Tools: Photoshop

01. The Logo

The logo was made taking in consideration the aesthetics of contemporary art spaces and designs. Conceptual artists tent to be puristic in their forms and shapes. Less is more and minimal shapes that tell no more than the necessary are preferred to stuffy designs full of superficial elements and flashy effects.

A logo for a “White Cube”

Taking this in consideration, I designed a minima-flat logo. A stylish black and white logo that would tell just the necessary in this sort of “white cube” website.

02. UI Design

I made the mock-ups with Photoshop, using standard break-points and grid-systems.

03. Outcome

Design for desktop computers and mobile phones.

Desktop experience

Mobile experience

Mobile phone mockup with several gallery screens.